Hairball at The District

Hairball Tickets

The District | Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Something rather remarkable will take place at The District on Wednesday 22nd November 2023. Could you figure it out? Of course, you can! That's why you are visiting this page. It will be the Hairball. The crew at The District have been working around the clock to make certain that everything goes as planned, including the services, light show, and sound. Because everyone else has come here with the same aim of attending the show, there are very few tickets left. The little that are remaining, are selling out very fast, so snap up them while they're still available. Don’t let someone else beat you to it!

If you don’t want to have the most amazing time of your life, then you’re not worthy of attendance. Of course, this is a pretty good argument to attend. Just to be certain, here are a few more. One, it in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Two, the event staff have been working very hard to make sure everything runs smoothly. Three, the sound and lighting engineers have created something truly awesome. Four, the lineup features the who’s who of the industry. Five, the audience members have the same thing in common as you, so you can be sure that you will party with like-minded individuals. The list just carries on and on, but you get the idea, you have to be there. The only issue you have to deal with is what to wear and whether to be fashionably late or not. It will be live at The District, oh yes, Hairball on Wednesday 22nd November 2023 will be the high-point of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. You truly don't want to lose out on this once in a lifetime event, but you will if you don't get your tickets right here. So don't wait, our page only has a limited amount available.

Hairball at The District

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